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Shoulder Pain? (Treatment & Exercises for Anterior Shoulder Pain/Biceps Tendinopathy)

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  • Opublikowany 26 wrz 2022

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  • E3 Rehab
    E3 Rehab  Rok temu +8

    Thank you so much for watching! What other topics do you want us to cover?

    • ThcBanaman
      ThcBanaman 5 miesięcy temu

      Long time strategies for recurrent rotator cuff tendonitis, where excercises just partly improve symptoms

    • Karim Daher
      Karim Daher 6 miesięcy temu

      Could you talk about bicep instability please

    • Hive Noun
      Hive Noun Rok temu

      When surgery is indicated? For example, in shoulder injuries. Should labrum (SLAP) "lesions" be surgically fixed?

    • M Ahmed
      M Ahmed Rok temu

      elbows, knees.

    • tim johnson
      tim johnson Rok temu +1

      You make a lot of sense.
      I have that pain on the front of my shoulder but, as I'm in my mid sixties I don't think there's going to be much "challenging" going on. No weights but very physical at the workplace and at home.
      I would have liked to see you explain this with a model of the skeleton with muscles and positions and extensions to avoid.
      Also, sleeping positions. Important?

  • Peter Taylor
    Peter Taylor Rok temu +28

    Really helpful. I've been doing exercises on my rotator cuff but still having the pain which I realise now is caused by my bicepss tendon. Your explanations are so clear - thank you!

    • Annie B
      Annie B Rok temu +1

      I've been working on rotator cuff for a couple years now too, still got the pain in the front/side delt area. I found this video really interesting!

    • Crushing It
      Crushing It Rok temu +14

      It's really irritating that out of the 50 videos I watched on both injuries, there are no graphics or movement techniques shown to help determine which injury you actually have.
      Both are in the shoulder. Both are caused by bad benching form. But is there a range of motion we can do, to help determine which is which?

    • E3 Rehab
      E3 Rehab  Rok temu

      No problem!

  • Travelin' Art
    Travelin' Art Rok temu +5

    Man, this information is hitting very close to home. My corner pec and anterior shoulder was always tight after I did movements like pushups, bench press or arm curls. I believe they were tight because as I was doing the exercises, I wasn't using the correct posture and more stress was put on these tendons as they were being strengthened making them more tighter than usual. Now I know that posture is key to healthy exercise. Also, shoulder blade muscles could also be activated and strengthened as well to help posture and good movements.

  • Gehtdich Nixan
    Gehtdich Nixan 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Great video! Thank you very much. how often do I need to train my tendons weekly in your opinion? is one day enough and can I work out other musclegroups on other days (in a 3 split for example). Or do I need to concentrate solely on the tendons? thx!!

  • Roley Chiu
    Roley Chiu Rok temu

    This video was very helpful for identifying the source of my front shoulder pain! I always suspected it was a tendon issue. The exercises are very helpful and I was trying them while watching. thank you for this knowledge!

  • Trey D
    Trey D Miesiąc temu

    Thank you! I have not been able to find a clear and concise explanation on this source of pain for quite a long time. You sir, are a legend.

  • Icosa
    Icosa Rok temu +4

    Great video. I've been having random flaring shoulder pain in the front delt for a few years now, and can't progress my bench at all. You made it easy to understand what's actually happening in the joint and the connected muscles, AND gave tips to alter training to rehab back to full strength. Just what I needed, thanks!

    • Automatic Ninja Assault Cat
      Automatic Ninja Assault Cat 7 miesięcy temu

      Could I be so bold as to ask for an update on your progress?

    • TaxEvasion
      TaxEvasion 8 miesięcy temu

      The amount of information in this video is amazing. He gives information and possibilities that most other physios don't talk about either!

  • I Want Lee
    I Want Lee Rok temu +3

    My shoulders hurt to much today, so I couldnt train chest. I trained shoulder instead, and the front raises hurt, which makes sense if it's the biceps and not the rotator cuff. Also, I do a lot of rotator cuff exercises, so I think I would have seen a difference by now if rotator cuff weak ess was the problem.

  • TheSinisterDev
    TheSinisterDev Rok temu

    Thanks for this video! Definitely helped me figure out that I'm having chronic problems with both bicep tendons,and how I can start co conditioning them, helping them recover, and prevent further injury.

  • Tim T
    Tim T Rok temu

    Excellent description of biceps tendonosis and progressions, especially the tilted bicep raises. Thank you.

  • ThePersianpimp336
    ThePersianpimp336 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Hands down one of the best and most informative videos on this topic on PLclip, thank you for what you do!

  • Russell Fitness
    Russell Fitness 7 miesięcy temu +1

    Great video thank you,can I just ask in your experience when rehabilitating the shoulder is it normal to have soreness and if so roughly at what scale1 to 10 and how long?
    I watched hundreds of videos but no one ever addresses this?
    I dont know if I'm making it worse or its necessary to get better.
    Thanks in advance

  • Rich Keller
    Rich Keller Rok temu +1

    This was the best, most informative video on this subject I could find. Thanks, I'll be taking your advice for some shoulder pain I've been having for a couple of months now

    FNU LNU Rok temu +4

    Wow this was eye opening for me! It makes complete sense that it was my bicep tendon, and now I’ve got some ideas to finally address it. Thanks!

  • Places I Have Been

    Good tips, I recently pulled my arm during hiking and followed a set of physiotherapy exercises with weights and bands which helped me a lot. Thanks 🙏

  • jessica hawkins
    jessica hawkins Rok temu

    Thank u! This is exactly what’s goin on with my shoulder 🙏🏻

  • Calvin Ataide
    Calvin Ataide Rok temu +5

    Thank you so much for this video!! Been suffering from this exact thing for the last 2 months... I'm going to try and do the things you said and hopefully recover soon

  • Luca Darone
    Luca Darone Rok temu

    Hi there! Thanks for the amazing content. I have a question: I have been struggling with a chest pain when I do push exerciese. I did an echografy and they found a long head biceps tendinits. So, why is my chest hurting, shouldn't I rather feel a front shoulder pain instead?
    Thank you again.

    • Craig Daly
      Craig Daly Rok temu

      I’m probably late on this but I’m pretty sure the corcoroid located in your shoulder has muscles attached to it which come from your chest so many it has something to do with when you put pressure on your shoulder those muscles attached to the corcoroid may be overworking and giving you chest pain, also I’m not a doctor I’m not sure if that’s correct but I know I received surgery in my shoulder which was my corcoroid was moved and attached to it was muscles from my chest so I know chest muscles are attached to the shoulder and may work along with workouts involving the shoulder :)

  • Ibrahim Faroun
    Ibrahim Faroun Miesiąc temu

    First, thank you very much for this informative video.
    I’ve been suffering from long head biceps tendonitis for 5 months. I stopped all push movements for 2 months to let it heal. And i did all rotator cuff excersizes and im back to working out but with little volume on stable “machines” push movements as It seems to hurt again when increasing my volume on push movements specially chest and shoulders pressing. The doctor told me the inflammed tendon is 1mm thicker than my right side tendon and that the tendon is calcified.
    What can i do to heal it completely ASAP?

  • David B
    David B 2 miesięcy temu

    Glad I went looking for a video like this. I have slight pain in my left shoulder when doing certain movements. Every now and then I a very noticeable rubber band snap happens and there is slight to moderate pain associated with the snap. It almost feels like the tendon is snapping back in place. The pain doesn't last long.
    Will definitely need to re-watch this video a few times to get the exercises right. Adding it to a "Save" list.

  • Matt
    Matt 7 miesięcy temu

    Do you think generally being really de-conditioned all over could be behind my bicep tendonopathy? My PT prescribed me lots of RC and serratus anterior exercises which I've done do death, they feel like they've helped but can't seem to get rid of the problem entirely.
    I'm starting to wonder if it's because I've been so sedentary the last few years? Should I just get back into the gym do you think?

  • marco codoni
    marco codoni Rok temu +1

    thanks doc! that' s right my problem and i think i' ve caused it to myself going way too back on pulley and rows exercises because i' ve got an anterior shoulers tilt so i probably compressed the tendon.on the external rotation i' ve got problems as well,i get a sort of crack very often but painless at so far.i' ll limitate the range of motion on the pulls and try to fix back the shouler by working on external rotations isometrically because i don t feel confortamble rotating too much.think is valid idea?

  • Lilly amazing girl
    Lilly amazing girl Rok temu +4

    First video I have watched that has suggested bicep curls to increase the range of motion of the long head of the biceps - light bulb moment - seems that when I stopped doing bicep curls I started having issues. Looking forward to adding them back in!

  • Jake Snyder
    Jake Snyder Rok temu

    Great and incredibly helpful video!!! Thank you

  • Ahmed Abdulmawla
    Ahmed Abdulmawla Rok temu +1

    This is a high high quality content
    I really appreciate it

  • cahl1337
    cahl1337 16 dni temu

    i find longer warmups eventually take most of the pain away. The pain is very sharp in the beginning though

  • e l
    e l Rok temu

    I had some wicked pain in the front of my shoulder. I asummed it was from lifting too heavy too much. It turned out to be calcium deposits within the rotator cuff. The cuff was turning into bone causing impingement and pain. Anti inflammitories,ice,rest,pt,cortisone,time did nothing. it became debilitating. Needed surgery. Took 1 year to recover. its been 3 years now that shoulder is great now the other is feeling iffy

  • eschelar
    eschelar Rok temu +6

    Excellent video. Sound principles of muscular development and anatomy with obvious touches of physical therapy expertise.
    Nice work.

  • goggins
    goggins 10 miesięcy temu

    Omg THANKS A LOT FOR THIS VIDEO! Ive been having bicdp tendonitis problem for months and found videos that dont help me and offer one or two basic advices. Bit ive never thought of doing floor presses and gonna start doing preacher curls and other curls where you dont extend your hand fully. Once again thank you kind sir ♡

  • Cal Hoeppner
    Cal Hoeppner Rok temu +3

    Hey there, im a fairly new weightlifter (3 years) and I have a shoulder injury and have for about 2 weeks. Im able to train every body part but chest. Even a push up is a challenge and very painful. But it doesn’t affect me much in the day to day. None of the common shoulder injuries seem to match with my symptoms and I’d really love to get back to bench and just training chest in general. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Cal Hoeppner
      Cal Hoeppner 6 dni temu

      It turned out to be my ac joint. I was only able to do smith machine bench and incline push ups for months. I’ve slowly been able to add exercises back and now I’m at 95%. Just take it easy and slowly add stuff that doesn’t add too much pain. Dead hangs and stretching helped a lot too. Just be mindful of it and don’t do anything in the every day that might throw it out again. I did that a lot of times and hurt it more. Don’t push it

    • Thhomy
      Thhomy 6 dni temu

      Any luck

    • Boris Leoro
      Boris Leoro Rok temu +1

      Same its so damn annoying. I can't train Chest well or shoulders

  • VivianRW
    VivianRW Rok temu

    I appreciate the details covered. Thank you.

  • Fielding Williams
    Fielding Williams Rok temu +3

    I found out that this was the true cause of my shoulder pain after years of thinking it was impingement. I got an MRI of my shoulder and the doc said it was bicept tendinitis. I’m sure that a lot of people actually do suffer from impingement but I’m glad that this video is out there to offer an alternative hypothesis (that perhaps is more common than I realized)

    • lenz
      lenz Rok temu

      Did you get like a feeling where your arm was heavy / numb / and got tierd easy?

  • Annie B
    Annie B Rok temu

    I wonder if my using the row machine on the highest setting for my warmup is causing my problem. This is such good content, I will try the different options to pinpoint why my front/side delt area has been hurting for a few years. I've been very active in weightlifting for over 10 years now but I don't bench heavy, use good form, lots the think about. Thanks!

  • BenderIsGreat
    BenderIsGreat Rok temu +2

    I have one for you that I've never heard of before yesterday: I thought for weeks I had golfers elbow but I learned about a muscle called the pronator teres. I'm fairly certain now that I strained these muscles in both forearms from doing too much Planche training, front lever training and pull ups. All of which require pronation of the forearm to get the shoulder into external rotation. After doing some soft tissue work last night on the teres, my forearms feel SO SORE. I've never felt soreness like this before in my whole 5 years of training.
    I'm still trying to figure what to do exactly because like I said, I wasn't even aware of this muscle until yesterday. I learned a very hard lesson about the anatomy of the wrist, forearm and shoulder complex.
    Edit: I forgot to mention I'm currently dealing with this pronator teres injury and the biceps tendonitis discussed in this video so I'm at a loss for rehab techniques.

    • K1LL3R
      K1LL3R 9 miesięcy temu

      @BenderIsGreat Alright , take your time , till then i'll just look up to what you said the myofascial releases on youtube. And don't worry about posting the link , im subscribed to you so whenever you upload the thing i'll get the notification and yea Thank you so much for helping me out 👊. Hope you have a great workout !

    • BenderIsGreat
      BenderIsGreat 9 miesięcy temu

      @K1LL3R oh yeah I forgot. The videos kinda suck anyway. I’m headed to the gym to make a better, more comprehensible all in one video. I’ll reply with the link when it’s uploaded 👍

    • K1LL3R
      K1LL3R 9 miesięcy temu

      @BenderIsGreat Can't see any video on your channel. Maybe you changed the setting to private? and yea thanks for the quick reply bud didn't expect that.

    • BenderIsGreat
      BenderIsGreat 9 miesięcy temu

      @K1LL3R I made a few videos about what’s helped me. They’re on my channel. I made them for another user so they’re not professional by any means but it is what helped me. I realized the root cause of my issues were tight muscles pulling on tendons specifically the lats, pecs, biceps and triceps. I’ve been myofascial releasing these problem areas before and after workouts and on my days off and although I’m not 100%, my injuries don’t really bother me anymore.
      I’ll put up another one about ulnar nerve glides as this is a new one I stumbled on that really helps with my issues too.

    • K1LL3R
      K1LL3R 9 miesięcy temu

      @BenderIsGreat hey bro can you help me out with the bicep tendonitis ? i tried to open the link but the video is deleted. suffering from this bs for like 7 months, got to bunch of physios they are just clueless :(

  • Matt Rodock
    Matt Rodock Rok temu

    Great video, thank you!! Any advice for sleeping with this thing, some nights its waking me up 10 times. Which nerve is often implicated with this, musculcutaneous, ulnar, other?

  • Jack !
    Jack ! 3 miesięcy temu

    No shoulder pain here but I enjoyed the clear and concise video.

  • realbigmic
    realbigmic Miesiąc temu

    This was very helpful😀. Gives me hope 💪🙏

  • TaxEvasion
    TaxEvasion 8 miesięcy temu +1

    Wish I come across this video sooner. This is almost perfect; if I end up sorting my shoulder out than this video will be perfect.
    I've had to do my own research as I have no faith in physio therapists anymore. Nothing they'd tell me or I'd watch online (sadly having to resort to self teaching) would help, except these very exercises and your validation in that, most physios will say there is shoulder impingement, however you said it could also be from compression which is something I had suspected through my own trial and errors. I've been doing a lot of hanging (no longer feel much of a stretch, need to move on to some weird hybrid hanging cat stretch), which has helped with shoulder mobility a lot, it never seemed to really help with the longhead bicep tendon. I'm still focusing on rotator cuff strength as it's crucial to shoulder health. I'm also very front dominant which I've made steps to improve (stretching chest and internal rotators, strengthening back and external rotators). After going through the shoulder impingement rabbit hole, though I know I have some level of dysfunction, perhaps it's actually not from impingement but from compression after it flares up. I'm hoping that slow and steady bicep training will improve the strength/size of the tendon and increase bloodflow for healing. Because for a while I totally stopped bicep training.
    I pretty much do everything in your video, it just took many nights researching and finding the same answers that didn't apply to me to come to this conclusion. If I had seen your video much sooner, I would be at least 6 months ahead of "rehab" of my longhead tendon by now. I don't know why it never showed up til now!
    Thanks mate, your delivery is clear and specific, and you obviously have the knowledge which I very much fucking appreciate!!!

  • asfand yar naseer
    asfand yar naseer Rok temu +1

    I have the same pain. It occurs 3 week before when i was doing bench press suddenly i feel pain on my left shoulder after 2 days my right shoulder also hurt the same way. I also experiencing clicking sounds from my shoulder but my range of motion is not effected. Kindly tell me what is the problem

  • goggins
    goggins 3 miesięcy temu

    Hey man, how often should exercises specific for this injury? Every day or?

  • Arnold Larisch
    Arnold Larisch Rok temu

    Best video about this problem on PLclip. Thank you.

  • P.P
    P.P 8 miesięcy temu

    It's been 6 months with minimal improvements, I'm confident now, that it's not shoulder impingement 🤔 that may have been a part of the problem but not the problem of itself. I will try to use these methods and get my physio to revise my rehab.

    SUPREME 5 miesięcy temu +1

    Awesome video. Just what I needed to hear

  • PumaTomten
    PumaTomten Miesiąc temu

    I kinda get that area very sore during chest/biceps workouts but can barely get the arm above my head or straight without extreme pain so much the arm bends

  • tangentz0007
    tangentz0007 11 miesięcy temu

    Same for me. Bench pressing causing pain only on the left side. Not shoulder impingement.

  • K Zagnoli
    K Zagnoli Rok temu +1

    Would biceps tendonitis explain anterior shoulder pain when doing pushups?

  • Ryan Straka
    Ryan Straka Rok temu +2

    The modifications seem to work for me but when I do tricep exercises like a tricep pushdown or skull crushers Im still getting some pain in the front of shoulder. Why is that? Is it because how the muscles are antagonists to eachother so if I do a tricep movements I'm stretching the injured bicep longhead? Should I just stop doing tricep exercises all together?

  • Ailin Vanessa Pinto Salazar
    Ailin Vanessa Pinto Salazar 4 miesięcy temu

    Hello, I hope you are well, I have a question, I have a tendinosis in the tendon of the long portion of the biceps, and in the rotator cuff, I would have to treat both things at the same time and first one and then the other, I tell you because I read that shoulder external rotations can cause the biceps to move a lot and be affected and I felt it doing

  • Calisthenics India

    I feel this pain from doing some dips 😭 same range of the dip ie. Bottom range of motion is where I feel pain

    • BenderIsGreat
      BenderIsGreat Rok temu

      It makes sense as the biceps is flexed in the bottom position of the dip especially in a deep ROM. Im sure I got biceps tendonitis from doing too many dips, pull ups, and deep deficit pushups and 90° holds. I really f*cked myself up lol

  • Mateusz Wisniewski

    Could biceps tendinitis occur from neglecting working out the muscle… that way the tendon could get overloaded in something like bb rows?

  • peep ff
    peep ff Miesiąc temu

    I've been trying for almost 5 months now and bicep curls don't seem to improve the biceps tendon specifically, I was only able to strengthen my bicep muscle

  • Paul Levine
    Paul Levine Rok temu +4

    narrowing my grip on barbell bench helps too (lifting heavy)

  • Life Never Ends
    Life Never Ends Rok temu

    Can torn distal biceps tendon be also the cause of the pain in front shoulder?

  • Prackity ELITE
    Prackity ELITE Rok temu

    Hey Doc, I’ve laid off upper body exercises for a week and change now beside the occasional minor pushup or pullup sess. Would you say I’m well rested enough to get back into things such as bicep curls and cable rows?

    • Razhel
      Razhel Rok temu +1

      @Deniz Küçüköztürk You can do it, make a plan and be ystemic about it. 2.5-5% increases a week. Keep track of pain level from 1 to 10 on the different exercises. That way its easy to manage. Good luck

    • Deniz Küçüköztürk
      Deniz Küçüköztürk Rok temu +1

      @Razhel Thanks for the answer. So right now I need get rid of the go hard or go home mindset, leave my ego at the door and actually focus on recovery.
      But I am sceptial in these kind of injuries and I feel like if you have injury like this you will never recover fully and always feel some kind of pain/discomfort. But until now I have never fully focused on recovery. I always tried to push through pain and injuries. This time I will try a different method and hopefully gonna recover fully

    • Razhel
      Razhel Rok temu +1

      @Deniz Küçüköztürk Hi! Thanks for the compliment. You should always see a therapist about your injury. However there are some thing I can tell you already.
      Technique is not directly correlated to injury. There are top level athletes in sports who train with "bad technique". Deadlifting with rounded back, overpronating during running, knees in during squats,, etc and its no problem. It CAN be a factor that makes you more susceptible, but it's not often more correlated to intensity and volume - how much your lifting. The dosage makes the poison ;) 1 Big mac now and then is fine, big mac all day to every meal is bad :)
      Technique is very important for transfering kinetic energy in an effecient way. So when you tuck your shoulderblades together during bench, it makes you more stable, which allows you to produce more force. You should continue doing this. You should also do dumbbells with full range of motion as you said. This is not bad. Always try to use full range.
      If you feel pain during this movement, it means that your tissue is irritated and you need to ease of on the weight and increase it slowly. Basically read what I said to the other guy. Knowing the statistics for the different injury types, this will have a 90% chance of working for you if you do it the right way. :)

    • Deniz Küçüköztürk
      Deniz Küçüköztürk Rok temu

      @Razhel bro i have a question and you sound like knowledgeable person. So while chest workouts i was pulling my shoulder blades back and down to avoid rotator cuff injuries but in this form shoulders are behind my body. Can this be cause of my shoulder pain. In addition to that for extra stretch on the chest muscles I was also lowering dumbells way more than normal barbell bench press. Is this a problem too ? What should I do in terms of shoulder placement for both getting rid of this injury but also avoiding rotator cuff injury too.

    • Razhel
      Razhel Rok temu +1

      @Prackity ELITE Yeah, he is being precautions as those are things which can trigger. You will be fine! Good luck:)

  • Life Never Ends
    Life Never Ends Rok temu

    Would ruptured distal biceps tendon cause this and feel pain also right back of the shoulder around and on the scapula?

  • Southern_Info411
    Southern_Info411 Rok temu

    Good information. Thanks!

  • frenchiveruti
    frenchiveruti Rok temu +3

    Thanks sir, I'll go easy on my biceps curl in the future.

  • Fresh Eros
    Fresh Eros 9 miesięcy temu

    this was helpful i will do this for the next few week and see what happens

  • YOGA404
    YOGA404 Rok temu +2

    Guys, i didnt quite grasp the idea of should we do in pressing moves with the scapula. Should we depress/retract or depress/protract it? And should we do it all the time going up as well as going down or...? Thank you! Good gob!

    • YOGA404
      YOGA404 Rok temu +1

      @Samuel Spinelli dont we need to keep serratus anterior at least slightly activated(scapula protracted) even in the lower phase of pushup?thanks

    • Samuel Spinelli
      Samuel Spinelli Rok temu +2

      If doing movements where your shoulder blades are static (like a bench press) you want them depressed and retracted. If they move, like in a push up, then you'll want to have them go forward (protract) as you push out, but you want them come back as your elbow comes back (retract)

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen Rok temu

    I recently got a covid vaccine shot and my shoulder was really sore. I made the mistake of doing heavy shoulders a couple days later. Now my front shoulder feels pain. It’s goes away after a while but when I work out it sort of hurts again. Any thoughts? Should I take more time off?

    • Jay Bhatt
      Jay Bhatt Rok temu

      Hi did your pain go away? I’m dealing with same for 7 weeks now. Look up SIRVA. I started with an inflamed elbow area and then biceps tendinitis shoulder pain.

  • Jess Bon
    Jess Bon Rok temu

    Thanks. you pin point the issue I have the the biceps. Thanks again

  • mohammad amjad ali siddiqui

    Is cardio like running, skipping, jumping safe for joint impingement..?

  • Kai Davies
    Kai Davies 2 miesięcy temu

    Would this also make your shoulders click/pop?

  • A_M01
    A_M01 Rok temu +1

    Hello, not sure if this is what I have but these past few workouts (chest focus days) I would notice something on my left shoulder twitch. It hurts slightly but never thought of it being to serious. I could definitely be wrong though.

    • Vaishnav
      Vaishnav 11 miesięcy temu

      @GL tried rotator cuff excersise and upoerbody to strenghten but still it isnt solved the issue

    • GL
      GL 11 miesięcy temu

      @Vaishnav I just googled it and I kind of recognize that posture on myself. How do you treat that? And also I can send you some links on really effective youtube videos to better your shoulder.

    • Vaishnav
      Vaishnav 11 miesięcy temu +1

      @GL nope actually mine was not really a shoulder problem it's because i have right brachial chain that cause my spine to twist which effected my whole body.still its not fixed.doing physiotherapy for months now there's no change only pain

    • GL
      GL 11 miesięcy temu

      @Vaishnav Has it gotten better?

    • Vaishnav
      Vaishnav Rok temu

      @hamud said thanks bro.

  • Niklas Thoor
    Niklas Thoor 6 miesięcy temu

    This is awsome! Thanks!

  • Sikander Singh
    Sikander Singh Rok temu +2

    I really thanks to you sir .

  • Roshan Luitel
    Roshan Luitel Rok temu

    Hello sir
    I am having shoulder pain from yesterday
    What happened was my friend was teasing me and i hate him with my right hand hardly something like muscle bend
    happened its paining but if i put moov then its ok after a while it again start paining

  • Krent Hueni
    Krent Hueni Rok temu +1

    initially stretching the front deltoid in the same direction you injured it would be counterproductive correct? (injured both of mine on from hanging at the bottom of a dip) been stretching it daily for a month and there is still lingering soreness

    • E3 Rehab
      E3 Rehab  Rok temu

      Potentially. It wouldn't be our first recommendation.

  • Steve Salvatore
    Steve Salvatore Rok temu +2

    Thanks for the content fam

  • Philip Kim
    Philip Kim Rok temu

    Thank you so much!

  • Ahadur Rahman
    Ahadur Rahman 11 miesięcy temu

    I got pain in my anterior shoulder after doing pullups, anyway I can reduce the pain

  • ThatLDNFella *
    ThatLDNFella * 3 miesięcy temu

    Silly question can you still workout around it?

  • Midnight Purpose
    Midnight Purpose 16 dni temu

    What if the problem is the short head? Everybody assumes it's the long head but I can feel agony when i touch the inside of my warm where the shirt head tendon would be.

  • Chris Sutton
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    • E3 Rehab
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      Yes. Feel free to email us with any questions.

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    • Paladin Danse
      Paladin Danse Rok temu

      @Clinton Boucheix I have it in both shoulders, along with a partial superspinatus tear on my right side. I’m slowly getting better also, just slowly. Injuries suck man

    • Clinton Boucheix
      Clinton Boucheix Rok temu

      @Paladin Danse still healing since my reinjury in November. I don't think I have bicep tendinitis as my shoulder pain is predominantly towards the side. But that said I get a little towards the front but it's closer to the acromion process.

    • Paladin Danse
      Paladin Danse Rok temu

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      Life Never Ends Rok temu

      Hope you get well soon. I torna both biceps distal tendons and I have pain in front and back of my shoulder around and on the scapula. Were you able to find out what to do? Thank you!

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    • trixam81
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      Yes! I had the usual heavy arm for a few days, but about a week later the front and back of my left shoulder got very sore and tense. I usually feel it most when sat down for some reason - a horrible ache. Looking down and to the left seems to accentuate the feeling. It's the same arm I had the Pfizer jab in. I'll be due the second one in a few weeks I think.

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    • Auric Goldfinger
      Auric Goldfinger 5 miesięcy temu

      @ban34 No. He injected the biceps insertion with steroid and lidocaine and 100% improved at first. It returned in about 10 days, but only half as bad. I avoided everything that exacerbated it- free weights, climbing gym, pull ups and dips. Did use light bands which I’ve added to. So now, I’m 80% pain free, and very slowly improving still. But I’m going to give my climbing gear away, not worth the pain. I use bands 3 days a week.

    • ban34
      ban34 5 miesięcy temu

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      PinkHoodieDude 7 miesięcy temu

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    • I Want Lee
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      Yeah, shoulder pain radiates down towards the elbow sometime. I experienced that in the beginning of the year. Im unsure if it was my supraspinatus or my bicep injury that caused the radiating pain tho. I think it was my supraspinatus.