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Reverse Nordic for Strength, Size, and Reducing the Risk of Injury

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  • Opublikowany 28 kwi 2020
  • If you want to maximize your quad strength and hypertrophy while potentially reducing your risk of injury, the Reverse Nordic is an essential exercise to include in your routine, especially if you don't have access to equipment.
    The quadriceps muscle group is made up of 4 distinct muscles: vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, vastus intermedius, and rectus femoris. Since all of these muscle attach to the tibial tuberosity via the patellar tendon, they act to extend the knee. However, only the rectus femoris has actions at the hip (flexion) since it crosses this joint while the vasti muscles originate in the thigh.
    This is important to know because the rectus femoris actually has little role in compound movements like the leg press or squat that involve simultaneous hip and knee extension. Therefore, you won't be able to maximize the strength and hypertrophy of your rectus femoris unless you include single joint knee extension.
    Two options include the seated knee extension and the Reverse Nordic. The Reverse Nordic requires no equipment and may also be useful for reducing the risk of rectus femoris muscle strains. These quad injuries are common in sports like soccer that involve kicking and sprinting and recur at a very high rate (17%).
    There are no direct studies to date that link the Reverse Nordic to reducing the risk of quad strains, but there are many parallels to the Nordic Hamstring Curl which have been proven to reduce the risk of hamstring strains. There is one recent study showing that the Reverse Nordic done eccentrically increases fascicle length, pennation angle, cross sectional area, and muscle thickness over the course of 8 weeks by doing 2-3 sets of 6-12 repetitions on 2-3 days per week with a 2 minute rest between sets. These are adaptations that might be beneficial for reducing the risk of quad strains.
    A primary concern with eccentrics is muscle damage and DOMs, but luckily the quads are actually less susceptible to muscle damage during eccentric contractions.
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  • E3 Rehab
    E3 Rehab  Rok temu +21

    Thank you for watching! Here's a blog on the topic that also discusses how and why I implemented them into my leg routine:

  • Well*Thy*One
    Well*Thy*One Rok temu +283

    When performing the eccentric variation of this in particular, I might recommend to have soft padding of some sort below the back of the head, as opposed to a sharp-cornered concrete curb.

  • Brenden Frank
    Brenden Frank 2 lat temu +22

    As a DPT myself I really appreciate the literature review of all the stuff you talk about and recommend. Some of the other fitness channels have been helpful from a standpoint of getting ideas and discerning whether to use them in my own practice or not, but from an Evidence-Based standpoint and applying to the general population, you're the best I've found. Thank you! (SUBSCRIBED)

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    Don't you love how shorts can magically hide even the biggest legs

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    I've never heard about this exercise before and I'm definitely gonna give it a try ! The explanations were also super clear

  • Break Freak
    Break Freak Rok temu +9

    I was relaxing after a run and this came up in my recommendations. I tried a few rep's to test it out (not the best idea after a run I guess) and I could really feel my quads working. Definitely adding this to my leg workouts!! I like that it works the core as well. Props for your clear, concise and informative delivery as well mate. Peace!

  • Faissal Loussaief
    Faissal Loussaief Rok temu +29

    I tried it ,two days ago, for the first time, man, this exercise is a killer.

  • Rashi Mittal
    Rashi Mittal 2 lat temu +10

    Love this!!! Can't wait to include this in my training. Would love to see leg press variations to target quads and glutes and to setup/position properly

  • TsabaronSecron

    I was really impressed with the thoroughness of your explanation of this exercise. Needless to say your video convinced to add this to my leg day routine. I just got started doing regular nordic curls. I'm thinking about super-setting these two exercises. Big thank you for putting up this awesome video! you have a new subscriber ;)

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    This video is pure gold! Thanks a lot for sharing and well done!

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    My 8-year old daughter always knows when I’m doing reverse Nordics because I’m counting loudly through gritted teeth.

  • Daniel Reyman
    Daniel Reyman Rok temu +1

    This is a great exercise. Lately, It's really came back in popularity. It's a great option for working the quads at length and as mentioned in the video, rectus femoris. Thanks for all the great info 😊

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    A very BIG thank you!

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    I've been looking to expand my body weight leg exercise repertoire, NEVER heard of this one before! Thank you good sir!!

  • Inspireful Women with Rayzel

    Wow thank you so much for this video- I have actually injured my quads before where it felt like a part of the muscle had detached basically- hard to explain- once when sprinting, and another time biking steep hills. Now I realize I bet it was this muscle. I am going to utilize this exercise with my ladies in our online fitness workouts.

  • Jean-Luc Renard
    Jean-Luc Renard Rok temu

    I know this exercise from some some workouts and stretching but the context with the M. rectus femoris and his span over two joints is very interesting! Thanks for the full explanation and all the advices.

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    Amazing content! Thanks for putting up so much work on this and also for sharing your knowledge!

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    I'm so glad that I found this channel! I was looking for rehab tips after a hamstring tendinopathy injury. However, found even more recommendations that could help in my train sessions. Thanks a lot

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    theo Rok temu

    Thanks, great exercise to target these group of muscles. I've been practicing Taiji Quan and most leg kicks require lots of strength, in order to slowly lift your knee high and extend the lower part of the leg up, forward and hold for the required time. Great, I'll give it a go.