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98. Isometrics w/ Alex Natera
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Ice or Heat for Pain and Injuries?
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  • zake tenyu
    zake tenyu 20 godzin temu

    the collarbone to the bar tip instantly fixed my left shoulder pain :))) thank you

  • houndofzoltan
    houndofzoltan 21 godzinę temu

    Great video (although "most optimal" is a phrase you should never use)

  • Jesus is KING
    Jesus is KING 22 godzin temu

    Walking on sand or better yet walking up sand dunes is probably the greatest exercise in the world for strong feet. Only problem is finding a sand dune if you are not near the beach. I have considered getting a load of sand dumped at my house.

  • J W
    J W 23 godzin temu

    I have a question? I get a lot of pain when my surgery knee is directly on a surface. Even soft surfaces. It’s been years now. Should I just push through that pain

  • Ray JBB
    Ray JBB 23 godzin temu

    To do weighted pull ups because you can't use a dip belt, I'd recommend using the Kensui weight vest that GGR recommends. It means you can incrementally load and progressively overload using the weight plates you already have.

  • Briizo
    Briizo Dzień temu

    Aint no way im doing category 3.... looks like how to tear your labrum 101.. Good video tho thanks

  • David Schneider
    David Schneider Dzień temu

    My wife made videos of my therapist working with me doing 12 exercises. 6 weeks after surgery and I do 30 reps twice a day. Almost back to 100%

  • Matthew Pohl
    Matthew Pohl Dzień temu

    I think the combination of muscle weakness/imbalance and bad form contribute to injury. For example, running with bad form if you have weak ankles and hips leads to terrible knee pain.

  • Alex carvajal ramirez

    thanks a lot for this Update, to Jacob & E3, very appreciated

  • Peter Sayegh
    Peter Sayegh Dzień temu

    For the non acute versions, is immobilization warranted ? How soon can you begin PT

  • Ben Kennes
    Ben Kennes Dzień temu

    Where did the notion that heel striking/pronation causes injuries stem from?

    • Jałokim Kamieńczuk
      Jałokim Kamieńczuk Dzień temu

      Because there's a lot of studies that show correlation with heel strike and pain/injury rate. It's just that they've show two recent studies that contradict it.

  • Betsy Kim
    Betsy Kim Dzień temu

    I have this pain that starts in my wrist near the wrist bone. I was told that it could be tennis elbow. The other day I played golf for the first time in a long time, followed by tennis a few days later. My first forehand swing sent me through the roof and now I have some swelling on the inner elbow area. This is the exact area where you are showing the golfers elbow to be. What I am wondering is if the wrist is usually a source of pain with golfer's elbow? After reading a lot of comments, I don't see anyone mention wrist pain. Any idea what kind of doctor I should see if any? Thanks!

  • Jonathon Strefling
    Jonathon Strefling Dzień temu

    Can you guys put this info into a classic E3 video (with demonstrations of the things he's talking about)? Even being a DPT I'm having a hard time following some of the things he's talking about but am really interested! Thanks for all you all do!

  • Yeseul Shin
    Yeseul Shin Dzień temu

    Very helpful. Thank you,

  • Anas
    Anas Dzień temu

    Im 21 and i still have it Plus i feel it has grown more than it was before

  • Jack Liang
    Jack Liang Dzień temu

    Great Video and content! Got a question, why the pain threshold for this condition is no more than 2, while for other conditions such as tendinopathy is no more than 4? Thanks!

  • Sylvain Ytier
    Sylvain Ytier Dzień temu

    Thank you very much for your testimony and insights. I'm sorry you have been going through this Jacob.

  • Hamish
    Hamish Dzień temu

    This is fantastic source of information on the management of Plantar Fasciitis.

  • Chandan
    Chandan Dzień temu

    I had my revision ACL surgery and it’s been 4 months since my surgery. Right now I am on task 3. Thanks for the incredible video. It gave me definitive checkpoints and helped to calm my impatient mind. Thanks once again.

  • César Borzi
    César Borzi Dzień temu

    Doctor, Are the first exercises you show intended to do during the immobilization period, or after the first 3 weeks of sling. Thanks

  • SpliffSized
    SpliffSized Dzień temu

    What exercises can I do to rehab my hamstring if I have partially torn my PCL a few years ago, so my ligament is not the same

  • GeoAce
    GeoAce Dzień temu

    tore my SLAP starting the lawnmower 😏

  • Anil Rupnarain
    Anil Rupnarain Dzień temu

    Hello sir, Thank you for the video. I know in the video you stated squats may not be the best for the rectus femoris development. I noticed you are doing Bulgarian split squats in the video, are these good exercises for building muscle/strength in the rectus femoris? I am aware leg extensions are “the best” for the RF, but to be honest, the exercise is a pain for me, so I tend to skip it. Thank you, Anil

  • K A
    K A Dzień temu

    Thank you!!!!

  • betttina33333
    betttina33333 Dzień temu

    I had a DOUBLE TOTAL hip replacement 14 days ago, AFTER 2 WEEKS I CAN WALK WITHOUT CRUTCHES FOR 10-20M😀

  • KiwiCoProductions
    KiwiCoProductions 2 dni temu

    Hi E3. A few weeks ago I ran down a hill and immediately noticed some VMO pain in my right leg. Later that week I also noticed some knee pain when bending at the knee. I also have Ischial “sit bone” pain, so, unfortunately, I tend to avoid squats and movements that compress the ischial tuberosity at the moment until my rehab with that progresses. Anyway, until I get to the point where I can squat low without pain again, can my VMO rehab suffice with exercises like Sissy Squats and the Reverse Nordics?! Thanks for the great information.

  • Nils
    Nils 2 dni temu


  • Omar Alahmadi
    Omar Alahmadi 2 dni temu

    I have a stage 6 Avascular Necrosis and tomorrow is my right hip replacement Thanks for the video 😊 Age 29

  • Tomash Grey
    Tomash Grey 2 dni temu

    Golden content. Appreciation from Ukraine 🇺🇦 ❤

  • DJ Thx
    DJ Thx 2 dni temu

    Hello, I've seen more than dozens of related yt videos, and this is by far the best (concise and helpful content). I'm recovering from Turf Toe, which I injured playing soccer 4 weeks ago. I'm back to running and playing soccer. However, though improved, I still have neuropathy in the toe - sesamoid area. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to help in this recovery? How long will it last? Thanks

  • Comeback story
    Comeback story 2 dni temu

    I got turf toe a year ago, I had it in both toes (both legs), at firs I ignored it and this was a big mistake, the injury became worse and I had 4 months to recover. the left side was much worse than the right, so I focused in left side when I did the rehab exercises, now after a year when I play football or run I feel pain in the right toe at the end and the left is a lot better because of the exercises. I’m now doing the same exercises fore the rehab and now focusing more on the right side. Thank you for this valuable content

  • 4209 Qiu
    4209 Qiu 2 dni temu


  • MB
    MB 2 dni temu

    Would applying heat or ice at any point aid in the recovery? if so any recommendations for how often? Thanks for the vid

  • Shabeer Ahamed
    Shabeer Ahamed 2 dni temu

    Thank You ❤️

  • View13s
    View13s 2 dni temu

    I sit a lot at work and it caught up to me. I got a hump on my bag and the last 4 days I forced myself to sit up straight. Hopefully this helps

  • Greg Clarke
    Greg Clarke 2 dni temu

    Am I right in saying that’s a 12LB weight you’re using ? Or is it 12kg?

  • Thomas Romeni
    Thomas Romeni 2 dni temu

    Hi Marc. Does it make sense not only to make an increase every week, but even every other day if there is no deterioration after the 48-hour break, in order to progress faster in rehabilitation and thus cure and cure my plantar fasciitis? I'm mainly concerned with calf lifting. At the moment I am at three sets of nine repetitions single leg from the flat floor. I would then, if I don't get any deterioration tomorrow with three sets of 12 repetitions after 48 hours, then I would want to start with three sets of six repetitions from an increase. Would that be a smart option? Greetings from Germany, Thomas.

  • Roberto Perulli
    Roberto Perulli 2 dni temu

    This video is extraordinary, thank you for the effort you made and all for free!

  • Local Hero
    Local Hero 2 dni temu

    Im 41 and having horrible dorsiflexion on right leg. Wall test at 0 inch cant even touch the wall. My calf is atrophying. Am trying all kinds of stretch but not improving. Any suggestion?

  • Al do
    Al do 2 dni temu

    Just found this video and had no idea my shoulder blades were collapsing everytime i do pushups (i never really cared to look at my back movements) but turns out i could be more at risk for joint issues if i dont have good control over my shoulders 😂

  • Floydandsome
    Floydandsome 2 dni temu

    Would love to hear your stances on NKT therapy and similar concepts like breathing exercise

  • higherlunacy
    higherlunacy 2 dni temu

    Started working 2 full-time jobs about 4 weeks ago so here I am now... Thanks!

  • Brian Gower
    Brian Gower 2 dni temu

    Years of lifting in the gym to look skinny fat with a shirt on. Yea idc I'm fixing it

  • Nikita Webber
    Nikita Webber 2 dni temu

    that demands of running segment at the beginning was the best bit. 7 min mile is my 5k goal pace roughly and thought i had to work on hip flexors hamstrings glutes. those are important but didn't realize how important soleus is. new goal i can will probably go crazy with lol. been reading so many 5k articles and never mentioned this. makes sense when most common injury is shin splints which i'm guessing is when lower leg muscles over fatigue. Just starting exercise again and will do MAF method to keep my ego in check whilst doing a strength program. thank you. i'd like to spend the time and do a skips b skips etc as well.

  • Michelle Montgomery

    Thank you so much for your researched and unbiased video. Great explanation based on facts. Also good to learn that its not necessary to be fearful of slight dyskinesia :-) I look forward to following you and seeing more of your great videos!!

  • pohhjj56
    pohhjj56 2 dni temu

    my outside left calf has some nerve pain with lying leg curl

  • Trisha Marcoux
    Trisha Marcoux 3 dni temu

    Can this be done with a proximal hamstring tendon injury?

  • Tomsterr
    Tomsterr 3 dni temu

    Thank you 🙏

  • Greg Clarke
    Greg Clarke 3 dni temu

    Does it matter what weight you use? I’ve got a 3kg rubber dumbbell here and it’s pretty sore?

  • Anthony Pollock
    Anthony Pollock 3 dni temu

    Great content, clear and concise. Cheers mate!